Masiela Lusha
Masiela Lusha (born October 23, 1985 in Tirana, Albania) is an Albanian-American actress. She became known as Carmen Lopez in the sitcom George Lopez.

Live and act

Masiela Lusha first grew up in the Albanian capital Tirana. Her parents first moved to Budapest and then to Vienna. When Masiela was seven years old, her family traveled to Michigan, USA. There she began to learn her fourth language, English. At the age of twelve she published her first self-published book in English and Albanian. Masiela started to model early, then she discovered her passion for acting and so she got the role of Carmen Lopez in The George Lopez Show. Masiela Lusha attended Glendale Community College. She then moved to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied art, film and literature.


* 2000: Father's Love
* 2001: Summoning
* 2001: Lizzie McGuire (TV series, episode role)
* 2001: Clifford's Puppy Days (TV series)
* 2002: Las Muertas de Juarez
* 2002: George Lopez (TV series)
* 2004: Cherry Bomb
* 2006: Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series)
* 2007: Muertas
* 2007: Time of the Comet
* 2008: Blood: The Last Vampires