"Dad, leave it, ok? It`s my life. You take care of your own life and leave mine to me. And that`s not a request, dad, it`s a strong demand. Stay out of my life!"

Beckett knew she`d be in the middle of such an ugly fight the moment Castle invited Alexis to come over to talk. She guessed that the girl was looking for someone to hold back Richard Castle in over-compensating his fatherly care of his daughter. She now lived with a boy the same age whom he didn`t approve but couldn`t do anything about it at all without risking the relationship he and his daughter had for nearly 20 years now.

Beckett knew the girl was right.

Alexis needed to go her own ways now.

Though, what had annoyed her was the tone in which the girl spoke to her father.

And the tone had been getting nastier the last half hour.

And Alexis really had to acknowledge some boundaries.

"Alexis, I just want to prevent...!"

"You can`t prevent anything concerning my life. Leave me alone, you piss me off!"

And with those words, the 19-year-old was gone; she`d rushed out of the loft and left both of them speechless.

Richard Castle was speechless because of the helplessness he felt for not knowing what to do and Kate Beckett was at a loss for words because of the anger she felt about the attitude Alexis had been showing the last few days and especially in the last twenty minutes.

Watching him, seeing his sad face and how he let out sighs of frustration, she really got fed up with the young brat.

Kate Beckett decided she needed to do something about it.

She was still furious as she stood in front of the girl`s apartment door, knocking sharply.

The moment Alexis opened the door, Kate rushed in with an energy that wouldn`t have stopped her from entering, forcing Alexis further back into her apartment.

"What the hell do you think to talk to your dad like that, you little brat, huh?"

Totally confused by the extent of rage Beckett showed in driving her back, Alexis noticed a slightly thrilled emotion in her, not knowing where that came from.

"Kate, how is it that you come over me like this? Can`t you see that he isn`t right? It`s my life!"

"That doesn`t matter... Alexis. For just talking the way you did I should spank you like the little girl you behave right now."

Only more confused, Alexis felt a weird shot of arousal running through her system as Kate pushed her again.

She now was with her back at the wall of the hallway and couldn`t back off herself without pushing forward against Kate but Alexis wouldn`t do that, she yet wasn`t courageous enough to push the buttons of a really angry Kate.

"I don`t know what that`s having to do with you. You are not my mother. You don`t get to order me around."

Alexis didn`t come far with her arguments, she was finally pushed into the wall with a fierce blow and with that all the air were pushed out of her lungs and her light excitement started to set ablaze a lightning fire in her veins.

She was confused.

She didn`t notice the feelings as such of those of unrestrained lust and even if she had, she wouldn`t have been able to tell why she was getting horny on being treated like a 12-year-old.

She didn`t understand what was happening with her but she wanted to live it out because she was thrilled to no end.

Alexis couldn`t tell where these nerve-tingling shots came from but she was really eager to explore those feelings.

She didn`t make the count on a furious but also kind of aroused Kate Beckett.

Contrary to the girl, Kate Beckett knew for sure what she was feeling there.

She knew she would get off on pushing the girl around.

She`d always liked being the dominant, always had gotten a kick out of it each time she felt that power and when she`d finally let it come down to physical contact.

She knew she had a slight bi-sexual interest in this incredibly stunning redhead in front of her and she liked her victims kind of playful, sassy and naughty.

Alexis didn`t say anything, just looked at Beckett with a petulant face, just to provoke the woman.

Let`s see if she`d really hit me. What a wonderful chance to see Beckett losing it, just once.

Huh? Who would`ve thought that I`m thrilled by the idea of getting punished?

That`s new!

And as she slowly began to grasp what was up with her, the girl was getting excited and curious. She wanted to explore those feelings further so she set a grin on her face, mockingly smiling at her father`s fiancée.

"What do you wanna do about that, huh? You wanna push me around my apartment? Wouldn`t be that far because it`s too small. What will you do about it when I talk to you the same way I talked to dad, huh? What you`re gonna do? Cuff me and slap me? Oh yes, go on, I`d like that!"

She was kind of surprised of what she just said there. But it was true. She`d really like to be cuffed and slapped, she came to realize with a shot of pure excitement.

Oh yes...I would like that... and especially by Kate Beckett.

"Oh yes, sweetie, be sure that I will cuff you and that I will personally beat the sassiness out of you if you don`t come back with a different attitude towards your father."

Oh, this is arousing! I like it. I haven`t realized how exciting it was to push her buttons. She`s normally pretty gorgeous already, but being in a fury this woman is simply hot! Let`s see what happens when I`m bold enough to push some more buttons.

"You don`t get to tell me what to do, bitch!"

Alexis felt some sort of satisfaction as she noticed Kate getting a darker, much more serious face and a destined look in her eyes.

"You won`t call me bitch. You are the bitch here, Alexis."

The young girl almost gloated inside because she seemed to be able to annoy and rouse the serious detective who usually seemed to be in self-control most of the time.

She always had wanted to make her flip.

Now, she had the perfect chance to do exactly that, causing her to lose it.

Oh...that`s so evil...but extremely hot. I like seeing her enraged like that. Turns me on!

I have to admit that she always has made me kind of edgy.

"Yes, and I like it, bitch!"

And now Beckett really just lost it.

She grabbed the girl at her wrist, pulled her into her own living room, to the back of the couch and pushed her into it.

Oh, Alexis apparently just discovered that she likes to be punished. When I look into her face, I see pure thrill. She isn`t the least frightened. She likes it! Maybe she gets off on being treated like that. Oh, little Castle, I just got you. You won`t really get any. Not now. And not how you`d want it.

She got dangerously close to the girl, bent over her to only press her further down onto the couch.

"Who do you call bitch, Alexis?"

She asked her in a very restrained and patient way, but in a very dangerously low tone, almost threatening.

Almost - because it didn`t work on the girl.


"You...do...call me...what...?"

She fastened her grip on the redhead and still pressed her down even more.

"I call you a bitch whenever I want, Beckett. You`re not my mother and how I please to speak with my father is none of your business."

The redhead obviously was in on it to the utmost fun. She just found out that she loved to stir up her father`s fiancé and she was keen on being smothered the way Beckett pushed her into that couch.

"What is it with you, Alexis? Why would you treat your dad like that?"

"Because of...reasons. I don`t need to answer to you if I recall correctly. And if I`d like to call you a bitch, then I`ll do as I want, got it, bitch?"

"You won`t get me into smacking you, no matter what you say."

"No...? But...why not?"

She looked at the girl`s face, red from the pressure. But her question was showing some kind of a miserable tone to it.

And Beckett just saw her wild guess confirmed.

She let go of her. Alexis straightened up and turned to Beckett.

"Because you like it...!"


"Yeah, Alexis, there`s no need to deny it. I can see it on your face, I can see it in your whole demeanor and your body language gives you away. You like being sassy and getting disciplined for it. You seem to like being treated like that... harsh..., intimidating..., pushy..., commanding..., aggressive... and even repressive..., right? You might even like it to get punished, who the hell knows? Maybe you are even getting off on being spanked, I don`t know."

Oh yes...babe...yes..., all of that. I concede to all of that.

I´d love getting punished - but only by you, Kate.

And I would so love getting off while being spanked by you.

Let`s see how this works out.

"But I won`t do that. You won`t get it from me. Not if you look at it as a reward. That would totally destroy my whole point to get you to behave more on an acceptable, grown-up-level than your current."

"But you`d get me off by spanking me if I behaved from now on?"

Beckett was just as stunned as Alexis as they both began to get the significance of what the girl just asked.

"You want me to...? Are you crazy?"

A bit of embarrassment started to get to Alexis.

She just as much told the furious woman that she was indeed right, admitted to her that she actually would get off on being treated dominant.

She first carefully glanced at the gorgeous detective in a lecherous manner, pierced her eyes into hers then, slightly embarrassed but not the least ashamed of uttering her wish, she then asked huskily again:

"Please...Kate..., would you spank me if I promised to behave from now on?"

"You...you...are dead-serious about that, aren`t you?"

"Yes...Kate...as a matter of fact, I am. Do you mind?"

"But...what`s about your boyfriend, Alexis? Doesn`t Pi do you like you want it? Doesn`t he know that you like it rough? Have you ever told him at all?"

Alexis grinned at her but slightly shook her head "no".

"No...but I don`t intend to tell him. He`s too sweet...for me, and too vanilla. But I like to try out some things I come to find arousing. I like experimenting with the unknown, living out your fantasies. As you said...I like it more hot blooded, more powerful. And I`d rather come often..., long...and...very hard."

Listening to Alexis, talking seductively in a low, coarse voice, made Beckett wet...in a way she hadn`t felt before. Pure want shot through her veins as she heard the girl`s last words.

"So...what do you say? Do we have an understanding? I`ll behave and I`ll get what I want."

"That`s...not...! Alexis, you can`t just ...!"

"Oh yes, I can, Kate! You just told me as much. So...does your offer still stand?"

"I...I..., Alexis...please, come to your senses. I didn`t make such an offer!"

"Kate...please...we both know you just said and I quote "not if you look at it as a reward". So, your words imply that there`s indeed a chance that you will get me off but under the only condition that I mustn`t take it as encouragement. So...I won`t. And would you now please excuse me...I need to freshen up a bit...I`ll have an exciting spank-date tonight...don`t forget to bring your whip, Kate!"

The girl was almost in her face as she invited and kind of also insisted on Kate coming over tonight to spank her.

Kate needed to swallow thickly.

She was aroused.

Her heart was pumping wildly, her boiling blood surging through her system in joyful anticipation.

She would have sex with Alexis. She got the chance to do her.

She finally got to live out her fantasies of domineering Rick`s wanton girl.

Alexis was hot - and needy. Perfect combination!