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    Default Banging Sharon Osbourne

    I was working for Sharon Osbourne. I was helping her with some thing around the house for a little while. Ozzy was away on tour and Sharon was the only one in the house. Had to admit despite her age I all ways found her hot. I liked her attitude and sexy clothing.

    She was walking around in the room with a tight wife beater with no bra and some tight pants. She had a perfect ass. She worked out everyday to get it.

    I mean her ass was rock hard. One day she caught me looking at it.

    "Why your perverted little wanker. Were you looking at my ass." Sharon said.

    She said with some anger in my voice

    "I...I ummm."

    "Do you get off looking at older women's bum you fucker. Were you jerking your pole you little cheeky bastard."

    "I'm sorry."

    She smiled.

    "Don't worry I like that." Sharon said.

    She walked over to me sensually. To my surprise she grabbed my hand and put it on her tight perfect ass.

    "Due you like that. Pretty good for a bird of my age isn't it. Pretty fucking hot. Bet you love to fuck this tight hole. Can squeeze a bloody walnut into butter." She said.

    " feel good miss. But your Hus.."

    "Drugged out. Won't know you're here even if he was in the room. Plus he has his fun. I have mind. Love to shag. " Sharon said.

    She took off her shit in front of me and showed off her big boobs. Her body was nicely crafted. The best money could buy. She remove her skirt showing off a wet dripping pussy. She walked over to the couch and gave a little wink. She bent over and open her tight clit. She pressed her finger deep in spreading them and then her ass cheeks.

    I quickly took off my pants and clothes. My cock was rock hard. She put her hand out.

    "Wait lover." She said.

    She took the whip cream and spread it on her ass and deep in her hole. She got half the bottle in her ass. It was amazing the way her butt cheeks spread. When she pulled it out whip creamed sprayed out. She took the chocolate and spread it all over her ass. I was harder then I ever been.

    "Snack time."

    I got on my knees and started grabbed her ass. I stuck my tongue deep in her hole and kissed her ass. She smiled rubbing my face into with her other hand. I lick and sucked on her asshole as her butt cheeks squeeze me. I was starting to love the smell. She brought my finger up. I parted it with my index and ring finger and shove my middle in.

    "Lick my hole you nasty little wanker. Lick it hard. Mmmmmm deeper and Deeper you bloody perve. Licked it deep. Lick that nasty ass you randy bastard mmmmm."

    Her juice were dripping down my hand. She grab a couple of drops with her hand and slowly sucking it off. Her pussy made a loud sploosh as I pushed my finger deep in. The sound of her dirty talk was making me rock hard. I lick all the cream out of her tasty ass and licked the chocolate off her glowing butt cheeks.

    "Yes nice and nasty. Do it faster fucker. Faster." She moaned.

    She stuff my nose in it.

    I sucked on her ass and she started to shake. I was licking like a mad man. She came on my hand dripping down. I sucked my finger clean.

    "Fuck me!"

    I stood up and plunge my cock deep in her. I slammed deep into her ass letting my back into it and grinding. My balls slapped her ass. She was all ready slippery. Her ass was super tight. It was squeezing and milking my cock dry. She grinded against me as I took a grip.

    "Harder fucker. Fuck me like a man. Ohhhh yess. You like that your ass licking Wanker. Hu you little git" She said.

    My body was dripping with sweat. I fucked her as hard as I can. Harder then I thought I could. I pounded her ass like a man posses. I slapped and squeezed the nasty bitch's ass. She put my hand on her breast and she fingered her clit. I massage her round globes into mush.

    "Oh shit." I moaned.

    I came deep in her letting out a huge orgasm. My knees became weak.

    "You not getting off that easy fucker." She said.

    Her hand was wet with her juice and she stroke part of my cock that was out. I was all ready half hard as her cheeks grabbed me. Her hand guided me in and played with my balls. The motion of her grinding got me hard again.

    "Now Shag my Ass till I scream." She said.

    I pounded her so hard I thought I go through her. She loved it and pounded me back. I had my finger deep into her clit. Almost my whole hand.

    "Yes. that it Ohhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaa."

    She came with an explosion. She push me on the couch and rided my cock with her ass but her face facing me. She gave me a deep kiss as I came. I fainted.

    She smiled and took a drag of a fag.

    "American..bunch of wankers. But fun for something. Let you get your rest as I take a shower. Be back soon love."

    She walked away with her ass dripping with cum and me passed out on the couch.

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    Very good story... The Best!!!

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