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    Default Backstage With Miley Cyrus

    “They’re ready Miss Cyrus.”

    A smile lit up across Miley’s face. She looked forward to this all day. She popped up off the dressing room couch and through the door to the special room that had been prepared. She wore a thin white tank top that was so small it just barely covered her chest and extra short orange shorts that showed the bottom of her butt cheeks even when she walked. She wore no shoes, underwear or bra and she enjoyed the free feeling.

    She was practically skipping down the hall she was so happy. When she got to the special door marked with a big red “Do Not Enter” written on it, she let out a squeal of excitement. Upon flinging it open, her jaw literally dropped and slowly curled into a massive grin. Before her stood ten boys in only their underwear. Tall & short, skinny & muscular, dark hair & light hair but all super cute and all she could think to say was...

    “Time for the buffet.”

    She had her young female assistant go out and pick the best of the crop from her fans after the show and now she was ready to have fun. She never actually had sex with any of them, she figured it would be wrong. So she came up with this idea. As she kneeled before the first boy, she could feel the moistness between her lips. She reached out and grabbed his red plaid boxers and pulled down to his ankles. His cock was thick, tan and cut. Miley licked her lips and let out a light moan. She wrapped her hand around it and it began hardening immediately. Fully erect it was about 6 and half inches. She pumped slowly up and down while fondling his heavy balls with her other hand.

    All the boys were told the rules ahead of time. They were only to stand there and let Miss Cyrus do whatever she wants to them and do whatever she tells them to. No questions, no talking at all in fact, unless she asks you a question. And lastly, they all knew whoever was her “favorite”, in the end got a special prize...

    Miley had the dark-haired first boy’s balls in her mouth, licking her tongue around them as she worked her hand up and down his shaft. He knew this would be fun but he had no idea how good she would be. It was like she was milking him and he knew he couldn’t hold out for very long.

    His balls plopped from her mouth and she enveloped his pulsing member. The warmth of her mouth and the continued twisting and pumping of her hand on his shaft felt incredible and as she cradled and played with his balls while doing so, he could hold back no more. As instructed beforehand, he gave Miley a gentle but rapid tap on her hand to signal his cumming. She all but ignored it, continuing jerking and sucking, but a bit more slowly, until he erupted. A hot gush of cum poured into her eager mouth. He had a large load and she was more than happy to receive it. She bounced up and down on her knees with glee as he released enough to fill her mouth up but she never lost a single drop. She kept his thick rod in her mouth, swirling her tongue around until the last little bit of cum had been given to her, and then she swallowed it all down with an “mmmmm.”

    She kept him in her mouth until he began to soften, sucking him thoroughly clean. Sitting back on her bum and stretching out her legs, she giggled and smiled at the line of boys that still awaited her. Some were already hard.

    “You’ve got a tough one to beat here boys. He may have been a bit quick but damn what a nice load” said Miley. She groped her hot pussy over her shorts, rubbing it up and down while biting her bottom lip.

    Miley turned her head to the next boy. He looked very young and wore pair of Power Rangers boxers. Her eyes lowered to his growing tent. “Drop ‘em.” He pulled the shorts down quickly and his dick stood out straight right at Miley. Surprising him, she stood up on her feet and walked to stand in front of the third boy. She turned and bent over to inspect his package, her ass pointed at all the waiting eager young guys. Her cheeks exposed from the bottom of her shorts as she slowly slid the tip of her tongue up and down his 6 inch shaft. His was thinner than the last but also cut. He was paler and he was totally hairless but she found this adorable as she teased him into incredible rigidness by sliding her tongue from the base of his dick all the way along the top to the tip and then in a feat of flexibility, sliding all the way down the underside to tickle his balls. He felt like an electric current was running through him. Miley reached up with one hand and placed it on his ass and gently squeezed as she used her other hand and ran her fingertips across his scrotum, up his throbbing cock and gently rubbed his pre-cum over the head with her thumb.

    She watched his balls draw in, heard his breath suck in quickly and his cock twitched 3 times before a sudden burst of cum splattered over her hand. Shocked but smiling, Miley cupped it and tried to catch as much as she could as his penis bobbed up and down with each spurt. When he stopped cumming, she stood up with her face next to his ear and slowly, seductively licked her hand clean. When she was finished, she looked him in the eye and whispered “You were supposed to give me a tap.”

    “Sorry Miss Cyrus” said the boy. She leaned even closer in. He glanced down and could see her nipples poking through her shirt.

    “You’re still like a steel pole, think I can get more out of you?”

    He nodded rapidly. She swung her body around to face the other boys this time and wrapped her hand around his still hard cock, it was hot and throbbing as she began pumping it fast. With her hand playing with his ass, the boy’s head threw back in pleasure. She expertly took him over the edge quickly again, this time with his dick pointed straight up. Somehow he had even more cum than before, which Miley loved. It shot up onto his belly a bit but mostly came up and right back down, coating her hand and his tool, lubing it even more as she milked him for all he could give her. It dripped down his balls onto the floor as she relented and again, licked her hand completely clean.

    “This good boy needs a towel” said Miley to her assistant, who quickly grabbed one and proceeded to clean him off personally with it. “And I want to keep it” she added as she winked at the exhausted young man and set her sights on number 3.

    She seemed to have no intentions on taking it slow with him. She yanked his bright blue boxer briefs down and his rock hard, uncut 7 inches popped out. She bent over with her ass in the air and wrapped her lips around his tip before slowly inhaling down to the base. He was in ecstasy as he felt his cock slip down her throat and as she came back up to the top, she’d flick her tongue around his foreskin before going down again. She swallowed his meat over and over; her hands gripped his hips for leverage. She could feel his already throbbing member grow bigger and harder. She knew she’d get him off very soon as she stimulated him by moving very slightly back and forth while twerking her ass but kept all of his fat cock in her throat. Her moaning was all it took before she felt him tap her on the top of the head and his body tense up as he unloaded streams of jizz directly into her belly. When she pulled away, a string of cum from her lip to his tip kept them connect until she stood.

    Collecting herself, Miley got a bottle of water and relaxed in a leather chair while she sipped it. She rubbed her crotch as she stared at the remaining group. Every one of them was erect and that kept the smile on her face nice and big.

    “I’ve got a fun idea for you next two” she said as she pointed to the blonde and brunette that stood waiting their turn.

    “Strip” she demanded. They did as they were told and waited for her further instructions. Miley walked up to them and knelt before both. She grabbed the blonde’s uncut 6 incher and the brunette’s thicker and cut 7 incher and pulled them to her so they stood over her on each side.

    “We’re going to have a little contest between you two... You’ll begin jerking off when I say so and you will not stop no matter what. I’m going to try and make you cum sooner and you have to try and hold back. The first to cum loses and goes back in line, which isn’t really like losing at all really” she says as she peels her top off, revealing her perky young breasts. She squeezed them and gently tugged at her nipples as she continued.

    “The winner gets the privilege of licking my pussy and then cumming all over my face.”

    Both boys get wide-eyed as they hear the prize. Many of them thought maybe that would be the ultimate prize at the end, but apparently not.

    “Get ready...” Miley says with one hand tweaking a nipple and the other counting down from three on her fingers. “Go.”

    The boys immediately began stroking themselves. Both were already hard, already throbbing, ready to explode but can’t. They went slowly, trying their hardest not to blow too soon. Miley ran a hand up each one’s leg, caressing their thighs and buttocks. She began playing with their nipples too, running her hands up and down their chests and stomachs. It was a test of will for sure but they were smart enough to stay slow and steady enough to keep from popping. Miley noticed they were holding out pretty good, so she upped her game. She got down on all fours and pointed her to them and started twerking. Her soft ass jiggled in front of them and their breathing became heavier. She turned over and said with a sly grin “let me show you what you’re fighting over.”

    Miss Miley Cyrus reached down and undid the buttons of her shorts and slid them down her slender legs before sliding her feet up in the air and resting them on each boy’s hip and spreading wide. They looked down and saw her completely smooth pussy. It was puffy from arousal and she used two fingers to spread herself open to show the slick pink inner lips just waiting to be tasted. Seeing her sweet flower in bloom was too much and the blonde boy tapped her foot.

    She darted up from the floor to catch it all but the first squirt splashed over her collar bone before she wrapped her mouth around his cock. He unleashed ten or eleven more spurts of warm cum onto her tongue as she rubbed his balls, hoping to milk out more. She grabbed the other boy’s hand and stopped his pumping. “You win” she said with the blonde’s dick still in her mouth. As she finished slurping up the last drops from the loser, she motioned for the brunette boy to get down on the floor with her.

    She laid him down and told him to keep his hands at his sides. “This is not the grand prize for the best boy of the evening but it pays to have a bit of stamina now doesn’t it?” she said while cleaning the cum from her dainty chest and licking it up.

    She stepped above him with her face toward his crotch and simply squatted down onto his face. His nose poked her tight pink asshole as she positioned herself perfectly. His tongue spread her open and dove in, like a hummingbird collecting nectar. Her sweet juices tasted like ambrosia and he kept them flowing by flicking her cute little clit with the tip of his tongue. She grinded her pussy down on his face as she built her orgasm up, his tongue winding its way deep up into her. She saw his cock making a puddle of pre-cum on his belly as she was tongue fucked. She felt herself cumming soon, bouncing up and down on his tongue, her lovely juices dripping down his chin. She reached out and scooped up his pre-cum, licking her fingers clean and in a sudden wave of warmth, she came. Her knees shook, she moaned deep and loud and her pussy squeezed hard with her orgasm. No longer able to stay up, she fell on top of the boy. He took the opportunity presented from her re-positioning and licked her puckered young asshole. She squealed in delight and felt her body rocked by a mini-aftershock of an orgasm.

    When she was clear-headed again she rolled off of the boy and told him to stand. Placing herself directly beneath him, she looked up and into his eyes and said “I want you to cum on my face now.”

    He began stroking his achingly hard dick. Miley’s face right beneath it, ready for him. She licked her lips and reached between her legs. She brought her hand up, soaked with her own wetness and pushed his hand away to jerk him using her pussy lube. He could barely stay standing as he tapped her wet hand and felt his own orgasm take hold.

    Miley felt him convulse and pointed his thick rod at her face, opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes. It was like a fire-hose let loose. Thick, hot, sticky strands fired onto her pretty face, some landing over her head and in her short blonde hair, but most plastering her tongue, lips, cheeks, chin and even her forehead with cum. The facial was huge and when she tasted it she couldn’t help but smile. Luckily, none was in her eyes, so she opened them and enjoyed watching the last few of what had to be a dozen spurts come spewing onto her. She was in cum heaven.

    “Intermission time” Miley said as she scooped what cum she could from her face and into her eager little mouth, savoring the taste. She through a door and closed it behind her to get ready for the second half of her favorite evening.

    The door swung open again and Miss Cyrus was now wearing some knee-high pink and white socks and nothing else. She had cleaned up and was eager to continue. “You boys ready?” she said as he smiled and strode up to the next boy.

    He was the shortest of the group and when she pulled his black boxer-briefs to the ground she saw his almost 6 inch cock was uncut, already rock hard and it had an upward curve. She began stroking it right away, pulling the foreskin back with each pump, licking the shiny head and getting it wet with saliva. She looked up at the next boy, a blonde with a huge lump in his boxers, and said “Whip that out and start stroking, I want you ready to burst right after he does, okay?”

    The blonde nodded and dropped his boxers to reveal 7 inches of thin throbbing dick. He began jerking off as he watched Miley slobber over the other boy’s knob. she bobbed up and down, having trouble swallowing it due to its curve, but really pumping at the shaft to push him closer more quickly. She motioned for the other boy to come over and she began playing with his balls when he did. While still jerking the uncut boy with one hand, she began sucking the smooth nuts of the blonde while he continued to wank. She told them both to keep jerking themselves as moved back and forth between them, licking their balls and massaging their perineums. When she knew the curvy boy was close, she wrapped her lips around his cock’s head and licked circles around it. He tapped her shoulder and groaned. Thick globs of cum erupted from him and she swirled them around his glans, tasting it as it filled her mouth. She sucked one last time to get the remainder out and it made a plopping sound as his satisfied member left her lips. “Ready?” she asked the blonde as he still jerked away, his dick red and clearly ready to explode. She opened her mouth wide, with cum still on her tongue. As he said yes, and no more than two seconds after he did, he fired a hot strand into her waiting face. The first two went straight into her mouth, the second and third coated her tongue, the fourth and fifth landed on her chin and the last short spurts splattered her delicious tits.

    Miley gulped it all down and hungrily swallowed his cock to the bottom in one big move. She sucked until he was dry and started going limp. Her tongue snaked around her lips to get every last drop into her. “Mmmm mmm good. You tasted sweetest yet” she said breathlessly.

    Her assistant handed her a spoon which she used to scoop up the last of cum on her young breasts. She savored the flavor before discarding it. She said with a smile as she eyed the last two boys “who’s up for another little competition?” They all looked ready to pounce with lust.

    “This time, all three of you are going jack off on me and the winner is the one with the biggest load. Your prize will be this...” she said as her assistant handed her a cute little pair of pink undies. She proceeded to stuff them, little by little, inside her very tight, very moist pink pussy. “You get to pull them out yourself and keep them when you leave.” Her face showed the pleasure of her little fingers shoving the panties deep inside until they could no longer be seen.

    Miley looked at them a bit more seriously and said “so give me everything you’ve got boys.”

    All three of them stripped off their underwear and approached her. One boy had black hair and a cut 6 inch, very thick cock, while the next had shaggy brown hair and 7 inch uncut cock and the last had light brown hair and the biggest dick of the entire group. It was 8 inches, uncut and thick with heavy, fully shaved balls that hung low. Miley felt herself soak her panties a bit more upon seeing it stiff and swaying in her face. She began playing with her tiny, hard clit as they all began stroking. “You first baby, I want you to spray me down” she said to the black-haired boy as she leaned back and used her socked foot to caress his nuts. She grabbed her breast and slowly worked herself to orgasm with her fingers, the entire time watching the boy jerk faster and faster until he reached down and tapped her foot with his free hand. She climaxed just as the first bit of cum hit her belly. He spurted all over her front, splashing her tender tits, filling up her belly button and making a mess of her already messy snatch. She looked down and it seemed to be a pretty decent amount, not the most so far but not the least.

    Miley rolled over on her knees and displayed herself doggy-style to the next boy. “Think you can beat that? Just aim for my ass.” She reached back and pulled her ass-cheeks wide open. He was already getting close watching everything before, but the shaggy-haired boy lost control when she talked to him and he peered down at her inviting little butthole and her slightly agape lips with a little bit of pink panty poking out. With a groan, his 7 inches twitched and he came over her. The first few shots cleared her entirely, sticky cum splattering the back of her head and her upper and lower back. The last few were less intense and squirted right where she wanted to feel them. Miley loved feeling the hot jizz hitting her puckered asshole, covering her sweet butt and the last of it dribbling down her outer lips. She squirmed with happiness and using the cum like lube, slid her index finger up her own ass to the second knuckle, moaning as she did.

    The third boy couldn’t hang on much longer, he hoped he could beat that. The load was a little bigger than the first boy’s but seemed larger due to the distance he shot it.

    Miley pulled her finger out and stood up. Cum still dripped down her gorgeous bum as she twerked it in the direction of the third boy. “Last but better not be least” she said.

    He glided his hand up and down rhythmically, watching Miss Cyrus rub the warm jizz all over her body into her skin. She then sat down in front of him and asked “can I help you a little?” Before he could respond, she began rubbing his perineum back and forth. The amazing feeling he felt as she massaged behind his balls was amazing but he couldn’t keep the damn from breaking once she licked the head of his dick like a lollipop. He let go of his member and tapped Miley on the head. She grabbed hold of his 8 inch monster and jerked it with both hands. It felt to her like it grew twice in size as he came like a cannon. A hot spray of semen hit her square on the cheek and she instinctively closed her eyes. Another hit her on the other cheek and splashed onto her closed eye. Spurt after spurt glazed her face, covered her lips and filled her mouth. She felt him slow his cumming after ten shots or so and wrapped her mouth around him. He groaned heavy as she sucked another mouthful straight from the tap. She shoved his thick rod down her throat despite its size and felt his foreskin slide back as she swallowed nearly all of it. Miley couldn’t have been more pleased.

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    She flopped backward and lay spread eagle on the floor. “And we have a winner” she almost whispered. The boy reached down and slid two fingers between Miley’s tender, puffy, sopping wet lips and gently pulled the panties out. They were drenched in her love juice and he put them to his nose, inhaling deeply. Miss Cyrus’ assistant then informed them that the evening was now over and that they needed to gather their clothes and head outside, as Miss Cyrus was to inform the night’s big prize winner later in the evening personally.

    Two hours later, Miley knocked on a hotel room door. The last boy she enjoyed answered wearing a towel. Her panties were laying on the end of his bed and she smiled when she saw them.

    “You’re tonight’s big winner all around and I’m here to give you your prize” she said to him as she handed him a card. He looked at it and read the words. His eyes got very big and he looked up at Miley.

    “Meet me at that location, next week, 8pm. I’m going to bring some celebrity friends of mine and we want to have a night of fun with this...” She opened his towel and grabbed hold of his cock, still thick and impressive even when soft. He gulped hard and began to stiffen in her grip.

    “See you later hun.”

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