Victoria was starting to regret her choice of being a professional wrestler.

She has just gotten the big call up to join to main roster, and has had the unfortunate luck of being caught in the middle of a heavy ice storm. Being from the West Coast, Victoria didn't know the first thing about driving in any sort of winter weather, but she has upgraded her rental vehicle to a trunk with four-wheel drive. As she comes out the hotel to make her way to the arena, she sees the weather has gotten worst. She quickly carries her luggage to her rental truck, and then heads back inside of the hotel to adjust her coat to better protect herself against the cold and to check out of her room. As she's at the counter, William Regal and Hunter Hearst- Helmsley step off an elevator, carrying their own luggage.

"Hey rookie... you all right?" Hunter asks as he pulls on his gloves.

Victoria turns and nods, "Yeah... I'm fine... just... getting ready to head out there..."

"Do you need a ride to the arena?" Regal asks as Hunter turns in the room key.

Victoria shakes her head, "No, I'll be all right... its just a little bad weather."

Hunter smiles, "All right rookie... we'll see you at the arena... be careful out there..."

"Thanks guys..." Victoria smiles. Regal and Hunter leave the hotel and step out into the storm. Victoria sighs and adjusts her coat. She walks out of the hotel and the freezing air hits her hard. Her eyes begin to water when the wind hits her face. As she walks to the parking lot, she sees Molly Holly pacing back and forth. "Hey Molly... something wrong?" Victoria asks as her teeth chatters a bit

Molly sighs and looks at her, "Yeah... my rental car broke down... piece of junk had no anti-freeze and... well let's just say they are refunding me... and now I'm waiting for a cab..."

"Oh that sucks... hey... I got... a truck... do you want to ride with me?" Victoria asks.

Molly looks at her with a raised eyebrow, "A truck? Honey do you even know had to drive one?"

Victoria laughs a bit, "No... not really... it's got four-wheel drive... and... I thought it would be the best thing to use in this weather..."

"Well, that's kinda smart thinking... good thing I'm from where this weather is just flurries..." Molly smiles as she bends down to pick up her suitcase and over-the-shoulder bag. "I'll handle the driving..."

"Okay," Victoria smiles and the two divas head to her truck.

* * *

The drive to the arena takes them much longer than it would normally, and because they arrived late, they had to put on their make up and change into their ring gear in the back of the truck. Molly and Victoria ran into the arena, signed in and then sprinted to the ring to have their match. Luckily for both of them, there were able to put on a solid match due to their comfort level with being in a match with each other Once their match was over, Victoria and Molly were told to leave as soon as possible because of the storm, and both divas took that advice.

Once they were back outside, both saw that the storm showed no sign of stopping. The two of them run carefully in their ring gear to the truck and then head out onto the highway. As they travel along, they see the effect the storm is having as power lines snap and trees fall over. Victoria is in awe of what for her is a surreal event. Molly notices, but doesn't say anything for she's more focus on keeping her eyes on the road. After getting detoured by local police, Victoria and Molly come across a cheap roadside motel and a shopping center. Assuming the power is out at the hotel, they head to the shopping center to grab food, candles and other necessary replies, then head over to the hotel to get their selves a room.

* * *

A short time after getting settled into the dark hotel room, Molly and Victoria lit candles and set up a battery-powered lamp. Both women are in bathroom washing off the make-up from their faces. Molly dries her face with a towel and laughs a bit.

"Boy are you lucky..."

Victoria laughs, "Yes I know... I hate to take a line from Matt Hardy... but it was a lucky twist of fate..." Molly hands her the towel and Victoria dries her face with it.

"Yeah, some luck... did you see the looks those creeps were giving us..." Molly laughs as she steps out of the bathroom to remove her ring gear.

"Well we both weren't wearing much of anything... I'm sure as hell ain't..." Victoria replies, making reference to her pink top and bottoms that doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Molly laughs as she takes off her sports bra, "We got to talk to JR about your ring gear... I'd hate to see you running around like that in a foot of snow..."

Victoria removes her top, freeing her own breasts. "At least the heater is working here... I wish the electricity did though..."

"Why?" Molly asks as she takes off her wrestling tights.

Victoria lowers her wrestling bottoms, "Well... there's' not much to do... we could watch some TV..."

Molly laughs, "Well I got one of those mini-DVD players that run on batteries... we could watch a movie."

"Oh cool..." Victoria smiles, "What movies do you got?"

"Oh the usual sappy stuff mixed with some exciting stuff..." Molly laughs, "They are in my over-shoulder bag... pick out one you like..."

"Okay..." Victoria smiles and goes to Molly's bag to go through Molly's DVDs. She sees the usual expected collection of romance and comedy films. But then something catches Victoria's eyes. She looks at Molly as she picks out one DVD, "Ummm Molly... what's this?"

"What's what?" Molly asks as she looks over to see the DVD in Victoria's hand. Molly's face turns several shades of red. "Oh that's.... ummm... a porno..." Molly laughs a bit.

"I can see that..." Victoria laughs, "What's it doing in your bag?"

"Well it does get lonely on the road... and I kinda need a little visual boost to... take care of business..."

"Ohhhhh...." Victoria nods her head with a 'yeah sure' smile on her face.

Molly laughs a bit to ease her embarrassment, "You want to watch it?"

Victoria gets an humiliated look on her face but soon smiles, "Yeah... sure why not..."

Molly goes into her bag and gets her portable DVD/TV combo and sets it up on the only bed in the room and positions it between the pillows. Molly then lays on the bed completely naked. She looks at Victoria and smiles, "Sorry... but I can't watch this with clothes on..."

"Right... well I guess I'll go commando too..." Victoria smiles as she lays on the other half of the bed, completely in the buff. Molly smiles and starts the movie. The two divas watch intently for the entire two-hour length of the DVD, watching girls fuck girls, 4 guys fuck one girl, two couples swapping, a lesbian gangbang and other erotic footage. Both women have fought the urge to touch themselves in front of the other, but when the film is over, both Molly and Victoria are looking at each other.

"That was hot... wasn't it..." Molly says as she licks her lips.

"Yeah... very..." Victoria smiles, "I liked... the lesbian scene..."

"Me too... that always gets me hot..." Molly rolls onto her side so Victoria can see her large breasts. Victoria moves closer and touches Molly's tits and smiles.

"They are so soft..." Victoria squeezes Molly's breast softly as Molly reaches to feel her own.

"And you're are so firm..." Molly smiles.

The two women move closer together and kiss each other. Their tongues link together as they slide them into each other's mouth. Molly finds out Victoria has a very long tongue and she happily sucks on it as Victoria moves her hand down to between Molly's legs to rub her pussy. Molly closes her eyes and moans softly as she rolls onto her back. Victoria gently moves her fingers against the entrance of Molly's cunt as she leans over to suck on Molly's right breast. Like a child, Victoria sucks hungrily on it trying to receive milk, but Molly has none to give. Victoria then moves downward as Molly spreads her legs open, inviting her to her pussy. Victoria spreads Molly's pussy lips open and slowly begins to lick her warm juicy cunt.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck... Victoria... that's it... oooooo ahhhh yea baby..." Molly moans get louder as Victoria probes her twat in search of the spot that'll make Molly squirm. Victoria soon finds it, and Molly arches her hips and lower back in response. Molly wraps her legs around Victoria's head as she begins move her hips to grind her pussy against Victoria's face. Victoria wraps her arms around Molly's thighs to keep her still as she darts her long tongue in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh ahhhh godddddddddddd Victoria... I'mmmm cummmmmmmmming!" Molly squeals as Victoria sends her over the brink of erotic bliss. Victoria laps up Molly's climatic honey with her tongue, as Molly slowly comes down from her orgasm. Victoria lifts her head from between Molly's legs, and even with the dim lights, Molly can see Victoria's face is completely covered in her cum. Molly sits up and licks Victoria's face clean, tasting and devouring her own juices in the process. Molly then pushes Victoria down on the bed. "My turn..."

"I hope so..." Victoria smiles as Molly moves down between her legs. Victoria arches her legs so her feet are flat on the bed. Molly pushes in two fingers into her pussy and begins to move them in and out slowly. Victoria whimpers and moans as Molly adds two more fingers. Molly is amazed at how quickly Victoria begins to push herself against her hand. Molly smirks and decides to push her whole hand into Victoria and begins fist fucking her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh ohhhh fuck yesss!" Victoria screams. Molly has to use a bit of effort to extract her hand from Victoria's cunt, but when she does she lowers her head and starts eating her out. Victoria reaches down and grabs Molly's brown hair as she quickly finds the sweet spot. Molly attacks that spot repeatedly with her tongue. Victoria arches her back sharply as Molly brings her to an orgasm.

"Ohhhhh sweet mother mercy!" Victoria cries out. Molly slurps up her cum with expert care, not letting a drop of Victoria's sweet honey drip onto the bed. Once Victoria has relaxed, Molly moves up and lays next to her. She moves a hand through Victoria's hair and smiles.

"We really should get to sleep... just in case the roads are terrible tomorrow..." Molly laughs a bit, "We got to tell most of what happened to the boys...".

"Yeah... but what will the boys think?" Victoria asks with a laugh.

"Oh let them think... boys will be boys..." Molly kisses Victoria as they snuggle close to each other and drift off to sleep.