Hawkeye was laying in bed wit Hot lips for the last time, she was to be married the next day. Hawkeye rubbed her clit OH...OH she moaned she laid with legs open cum from her last fuck oozed out.

Hawkeye once plunged deep into her waiting hole , but he decided to take her other hole
pulled her legs up till her ass hole was in posiion, he pushe his cock in YEESSS... she screamed for she loved her ass being fucked.

The next day they gave her a going away, but she would be back in a month, in her stay a Majior Mary Kessler would take her place. Ginger gringed she heard of this new Majior they call her the Iron Maiden.
And soon the whole camp would find out why, she arrived with her whipping boy of sort Lt.Wimmer Col Potter greeted her she uniform not pressed, boots not shined .
Potter was taken by surprise, she asked wher the nurses was she wanted to see them
Nurse Allen was with Hawkeye she was about to suck his cock when Ginger ran into the supply room she is here LT Allen had to go , she kissed him .

All hell broke loose, the nurses was to take all non military stuff out, they would excercise daily, be professional at all time that means no fucking around with the DRs.
Mean time her little whipping boy was with Hawkeye, BJ and Maj Winchester inthe Swamp. He stood looking around writting stuff down to give to the Maj.

Klinger about flipped when she told him to get rid of his dresses, Col Potter tried to step in but he too was threaten for she knew some pretty big people.

Weeks went by, the had lots of wounded, so they didn`t have much time for fucking, they came in from surgery looking for a drink but the still was gone. LT Wimmer ran away looking for he Maj.
Hawkeye was furious, winchester found his record player gone along with his records, he heard the music come from the Maj new tent
THAT BITCH!! he screamed Hawkeye went to see Potter, tried to calm him down,Col he said Potter poured him a drink .

Hawkeye sat back and smiled, Potter knew that look , Col would you take the Father who justed walked in away for a few days.

Potter warned him she is dangerous, YES so AM I he took the last drink, went out to Klinger he had him call Sydney Freeman. late one nite Hawkeye gave out the plan
the next morning the plan went to effect
All the wounded was shipped out it was empty a drug was put in the Maj coffee
her whipping boy was taken out by Nurse Baxter she walked into his tent wearing black leather, she cracked her whip the LT jumped out of bed told him to lick her boots, then she bent over spread her ass cheecks told him to lick her ass hole.

Sydney went to work he told her every thing she will see is real and she would remember it too, when she woke she had her coffee dressed, but when she walked out side every one was naked walking around.

A voice came over the loud speaker vollyball will be starting in five minutes, she ran to the Col office Charles was there with Nurse Allen on his lap with a writting tablet she too was naked Charles playing with her hard nipples while she wrote.
She stood up cum drpped form her pussy, Thanks my dear he said get that right off to the boys, she kissed him walked away.

The Maj heard the commotion the the O.R.
BJ, Hawkeye was masked but naked, Klinger was onthe table, You`ll be good as new when we are done. First we get rid of this the threw what looked like a penis on to the floor.

The Maj ran out, she found her whipping boy tied to his bed his cock balls was red from the whip Baxter use, the Maj went back to the Col office made a call to some Gen
she seen a solider she called him it was a dark haired beauty, who are you? she asked CPL Klinger she saluted walked away
the Maj sat in the mess tent she was amess
she senn the Gen jeep arrive she ran to him he was with COL Potter andthe camp preist.
Look every one is naked, they looked around everyone was in some sort of uniform, she seen the dark hair solider called her CPL Klinger Potter said thats LT Kline thats Klinger he seen him walking up to the jeep.
had a nice visit sir, Hawkeye walked up with BJ , Charles he was pointing to Charles he had a lady on his lap she was taking dictation to some stock broker.
Sydney walked up shook hands with them all
BJ said i think we had a Majior breakdown
yes Potter said too much stress
The next few days was normal , Hawkeye getting the much needed blow job, Charles wa s with nurse Allen giving her some Dick
BJ wrote to Peg, while Nurse Kline sucked his cock .