It was a typical spring day at the 4077th.

Hawkeye just comming off a Post OP shift, since
BJ was in Tokyo for some R&R, Maj Winchester was in Seoul for a confrence with Maj Houlihan.

He walked into the Swamp seen a package on his cot, he pourd himself a stiff drink , took off his boots, shirt put on the straw cowboy hat.
He noticed it was from Radar, who just left a month ago ,he looked at the package, thinkng what could it be , he alwawys thought Radar as the little brother he never had.
And always wonder how he made some of the deals he did, he opened the package it was a photo album.

He thought it might be picture of him around his home town , when he opened it he closed it quick, blinked his eyes, opened it again
he saw Henry Blake with nurse Nelson, she was sitting on his cock .

Hawkeye threw his head back with laughter,
You Little SON OF A BITCH! he took another drink , another one of Henrythis one he was fucking one of the girls from Rosie`s

He flipped the page,it was pictures of the nurses shower he saw a picture of nurse Ginger she was a black nurse, Hawkeye cock began to stir, just looking at her her frim breast, looking at her dark nipples.

Then he saw one of her with nurse,Franks they was kissing, no wonder he couldn`t get any where with those two.

The next pages was for one of the hottest nurses, LT. Dish Radar had all sort of pics of her, in her short green shorts showing that most beautiful ass, wich Hawkeye had a few evening kissing, licking her hole before he fucked her. He saw a pic of her head with a cock in her mouth, he smiled he knew Radar got her too.

The next few was of Klinger, in womens under wear, one was him in pink, his cock was hard poking out of the top , then he was shocked to see the next one, Klinger in all black lace he was fucking Henry.

Hawkeye poured him self another drink, the next ones was of Frank and Hot Lips he looked at Margret her big breast those pointy nipples which stood at attention when sucked up on , most of the pics was Margret
on top of Frank, then he seen pics of her fucking Frank while he was dressed as a womwn.

VIP TENT was written, it shown Hot Lips with Gen Barker, showed her licking his asshole,
Hawkeye wonder where Radar was when he took this , then one of Hot Lips with a dildo laying onthe bed looking at a picture of Gen Macarthur.

More pictures of the nurses, Nurse Ablehr thought she was always ready and able
nurse Kelly a little plumb he thought but when he saw her naked his cock was so hard.
looking at her pussy when she held it opened.
he saw her ridding a cock , Radar was fucking her .

hawkeye went to take a piss came back his cock was limp , he poured another drink hopping no wounded was comming,
He flipped the page, he saw a cock with a rosary wrapped around it, a nuns mouth opened Hawkeye just looked at it.
He shook his head, geuss it gets to all of us THE WAR he thought , but a few more pics appeared of the good Father fucking.
No wonder he spent so much time at the orphanage, Hawkeye smiled knowing he probably had a few kids of his own there.

He laughed at the next picture, it was Trapper caught with nurse from the 8063rd
she had never been fucked in the ass and it caught Trapers cock , he laughed Trap couldn`t fuck for a few day after

A few more of Trap, with nurses a few times they would double team and there they was
he laughed again Radar the peeping tom.

He closed the book locked it away for another time he seen a letter he opened it it said give this too BJ Hawkeye just had too see what was inside.
He steamed the letter, it was writting by Peg his wife, it was pictures of her naked
come home safe she wrote on each one.
he closed the letter put it on his cot.

Hawkeye laid down with a smile on his face
everyone had Radar wrong he drifted off to sleep .