Barney Fife was sitting in the patrol car
off Route Five, he had some woman he pulled over for speeding, at least that what he said he just wanted some head. he moaned as the woman was sucking his cock hard, she swallowed hard taking all his cum.

Just then a car went speeding by, the woman was out standing by the road, licking her lips, Barney sped off chasing the car.
He caught up with the car and soon had him inthe patrol car going to jail .

Andy Taylor was talking to Paul Gliford his wife Betty was there too. Andy walked up to Betty stood behind her, his hands slowly rubbing her breast, he could feel her nipples getting hard, he asked Paul how he would feel if someone would be doing this to his wife. Andy took her dress off, pulled her breat out of her bra, rolling her nipples feeling her breast swell.

Then took his hand slid it down the front of her panties his finger rubbing her clit
Betty was breathing hard, she could feel Andy`s cock against her ass, pushed his finger deep into her pussy, Betty shook as she came, Andy took his finger out, licking it clean. told Betty to dress, and take Paul home, and he better not make any more moonshine or he would be on his way to the Pen.
And sme one else would be fucking Betty, while he would be getting fucked by some one. Barney came in with the stranger,
Andy asked what was wrong, Barney said the guy was driving like a mad man on Route Five.
Andy asked the man his name,Ray Wilford he asked if he knew old man Wilford, he was his grandson, he was the last of the Wilfords
he was here to claim the house , land before the county sold it.

Once again Barney felt like a ass, Barney took him over to the house Helen Crump walked in, asked Andy if wanted some lunch.
he knew what she meant by that as she locked the door, Helen stood there unzipped her dress, Andy had the shades draw close.
Helen was soon naked, Andy watched her walked around the desk, she knelt down, she began to rub his cock thru his pants, feeling it getting hard, she soon had his coc out licking the head.

Helen knew how to suck, she did a paper in college on working girls, she had become one, she learn how to suck from the pimp .
Andy was hung just like the guy too twelve thick inches, she sucking his balls her fingers working her pussy Helen was soon sitting on his cock , Andy had her up against the wall, fucking her hard.
YEESSS!!!! she begged him harder his balls slapping her ass she knew it was wrong
for they wasn`t married at least not yet.

Andy wa soon fucking her ass next Helen loved to feel her ass full of big cock,
Andy came in her ass she kissed him thanked him told him she would see him later, it was movie nite.

Thelma Lou ran into Helen, asked her if she could come over for awhile, they walked to her house, Helen walked to the bathroom ran a bath she needed to wash the sweat and cum outof her ass. Helen came out wearing a robe
she asked Thelma Lou what was wrong,she sat on the bed, told Helen it was Barney.

She needed something to turn him on soemthing sexy Helen went to her dresser
pulled out a lacey white bra and panties,
Try those on she said , Thelma Lou stripped
Hellen always thought Thelma Lou had a hot body Helen told her you need to trim your pussy they walked into the bath room .

Helen had Thelma Lou stand inthe tub while she trimmd her pussy hair soon her pussy was all trimmed , Helen just had to taste it her tongue working the clit, she parted her lips stuck her tongue deep into her very wet pussy.

The bed creaked, as the two women rolled around naked sucking , licking each other
Thelma Lou left with two pair of underwear Aunt Bea was in Foyle`s shopping
she always knew he had the best grade of meat she was on her knees taking his meat in her mouth, Claira Edwards came in he stood behind the counter cutting some chops while Bea was suckng him .

Claira placed a order , and left, bea was wipping her mouth, thank him for the sample he smiled any time he said giving her the chops .
Opie was at the back of the gas station,
he was watching Gober , Gomer fuck this woman one was in her ass, the other in he pussy, Opie was jacking his cock i was much bigger than some of his friends , even tho he was small than them , he watched the woman suck both their cock , Opie shot his load it was so thick .

He thought back to when he fucked Miss Crump`s niece down by the creek he also peeked in on her thru her bed room window . he thought it was ok since she wasn`t his Ma yet. He would always get hard in class just looking at her ass

It was time for Andy to pick Helen up
she wore a dark blue dress, wth dark hose, they drove over to Thelma Lou`s
Helen asked him if he felt like switching tonite , you mean you want to fuck Barney?
Helen said yes, I talked it over with Thelma Lou she agreed, so when they got in the movies Helen sat next to Barney,Andy sat next to Thelma Lou.

Once the movie started, Helen told Barney she wasn`t wearing no panties, her hand squezzing his cock, feeling his cock get hard, she slowly unzipped his pants pulled out his hard cock , stroking it slowly.
Barney had his hand up her dress rubing her thighs, till he found her pussy he pinched her swollen clit, Thelma Lou watched
it made her pussy get all wet, she took Andy`s hand put it on her thigh, afte she raised her dress.
They was so horny they both left, they made their way to Mier`s lake, they laid inthe grass Helen begging Barney fuck her harder
Thelma Lou was taking Andy`s cock her legs wraped around his back both women was ridng
the cocks they was kissing, Helen soon was fucking Barney hse felt his cum shoot inside her Thelam Lou was fucked in both holes weeks went by Helen told Brney she hadn`t had her peroid yet, and Thelma Lou hadn`t had hers either.

Both women was married , Helen to Andy even tho she was having Barney`s baby
When the time came Thelma Lou had twins
two boys, Helen had a girl .

Gomer was off to the Mariens just in time finding he knocked up a teenage girl.
Just another day in the town of Mayberry