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  1. Silver Linings Playbook" is set in 2008, based on the Eagles' games mentioned in the film. But in the movie, fans wear jerseys for Nnamdi Asomugha, who didn't join the team until 2011, and for Michael Vick, who also wasn't on the team in 2008.

    In "Argo," which is set in 1979, Ben Affleck's character wears a 2008 Rolex wristwatch. In the last scene between Affleck and his on-screen son, there is a Boba Fett toy on the shelf -- even though the "Star Wars" character wasn't introduced until 1980 with "The Empire Strikes Back."

In "Moonrise Kingdom," the cars are from the future. The film is set in 1965, but the police car is a 1968 Plymouth and the vehicle that is crushed by the tower is a 1970s VW Beetle.

During the song "At the End of the Day" in "Les MisÚrables," Anne Hathaway's earpiece, used to accompany the live singing, is visible in her right ear when she's singing with the rest of the chorus.